"I asked her what she wanna be when she 25, she turned around and looked at me and said alive."

I remember the day I turned 18. I looked at 25 as some big pinnacle. Not just because I'm a minority growing up in the projects but at the time I was in a dangerous place mentally. If you asked me what I wanted to be at 25 I would've said alive too. Now, today is November 13th 2011. [I pre wrote this blog so I hope I didn't off myself by the time it gets published (fuck up to the 2 people I know that are gonna be bitch about that previous sentence. Love you tho :)] I'm 25. Wow. Looking back at my quarter century I've had a lot of ups and downs. Great dreams and horrible nightmares. I believe in balance and no matter how chaotic my life has been I've somehow been able to maintain balance and stay on my own two feet. My insanity ignites my genius. It's a gift and a curse but It's what brought me this far. There's way more road left on my journey, I just hope I don't run out of gas or get derailed. I like to thank the people in my corner. Family, friends, and those random people I run into at the right moment. Thank you. As for the fans and fellow artist I've worked with and listen to, thank you. I thrive off inspiration and these people give me the ammo I need to exist. Without them my life would be meaningless. Last couple years I've been in a dark place but I still manage to see the light at the end of the tunnel. In life, I feel we're all survivors of some sort. I mean if you wake up in the morning you survived yesterday. I've been blessed with the ability to help others in some way, shape, or form get through their day. Some with a more hands on approach and others via their ipod. I will continue to do so but hopefully on a bigger and much more greater scale. I'm incapable of believing in impossible. Everything is a challenge but anything can be obtained. So as I wake up from my hangover [I will have one I know it already], I have a list of goals to accomplish and tend to do so. Now for a few words for the important people in my life.

*Mom, your last wish got granted 25 years ago today and I'm still here kicking and screaming as usual. I maybe the bad seed but you know I have a good heart. Your prayers always seem to get me home and out of trouble. Thanks for showing me that anything is possible.

*Dad, thanks for showing me what being a man is and keeping me out of trouble. In this day and age a father seems as fictional as a superhero. You raised 3 boys to men. The other 2 are mama's boys tho. ha! Thank you and as a wise man once said, "I get pussy with my father's features"

*EJ, you showed me there's a world outside of Woodside and I hope to explore more by my own means. You brought me to Hip Hop and the culture changed my life forever. Deeper than rap you've introduced to many influential people via in person and through music. Though I've had few actually jobs my favorite of all was organizing your cds during the XXL days. I got to learn a lot, get free shit, and make money. ha! I've watched you evolve when others didn't think it would be possible, but then again others don't work as hard as you do. Thanks to you and Dany for always keeping me a step ahead of the pack.

*Kenny, all the lessons you've thought me as kid still apply today and have helped me prepare for the world I face. You went from universal soldier to being a family guy. ha! I need to get back to Nevada asap to play with Kyle and Matilda. Plus I miss Anna's Chicken Enchilada recipe. Between all the Bruce Lee books/movies and Mike Tyson fights you've taught me discipline. I'm probably 1 of a few kids reading gun magazines at 7 years old but your unorthodox teaching methods worked. I'm still here and training. Don't be surprised if Clubber Lang shows up at your doorstep. ha!

*Akeem, I knew you before I can speak but now I can talk my shit nigga! ha! You the best man at a wedding I might never have but forever your my brother and when this bum ass lockout ends I can finally get you the bday present I wanted to (Knicks vs Bulls). Besides that we gotta go to fancy ass restaurants doing some boss talk and shit. These things will get done. Till then I gotta bust ya in 2k12 at your casa cause I ain't getting the game till they put the rookies. ha!

*Annie, Miss M-Ur-Der ha! we might not talk as much as we used to but then again we used to talk too much. You thought me how to dance and to not give a fuck about what the world thinks. Without you I would've never dared to pursue music. Remember my little myspace page? ha! I was scared to put a song up now. Many projects later I'm still doing what I love and I thank you the most for giving me that encouragement to follow my dreams. I'm also very very happy that you and Akeem got together the make the salt & pepper connection. If I ever get sauced out my mind around your area I will crash on yall couch. Beleee Dat! :: birdman voice :: As always B.L.U. (yall gonna start bloggin again right? ha).

*Smurf, fuck your real name ha! I'm so I'm so I'm so I'm so proud of you. Nah but really tho we've been through a lot of shit in about half a decade. I wish and hope for nothing but the best for you and your familia and little fam-a-lamb. I'll make sure to get her more Giants apparel. ha! I'll make sure I "Take Care" of her you can "Thank Me Later" even when I'm "So Far Gone". If you ever need someone to put that weight onnnnnnnnnnn :: tears :: just blow up my phone. ha!

[BC] Ant, I never get along with Leos. Yall niggaz are like walking arguments to Scorpios ha! But nah people like us are misunderstood for our train of thought and our kindness. Regardless of the shit we been through we always manage to keep it 100. From cutting classes to chasing asses you always been there. If I end up rocking sold out shows I better see yo ass on the cyclones field and beyond. Let's make it happen mamaguevo!

[BC] Rick, I can't count all the crazy shit we've been through. I only regret not having a video camera to record some of it. You the only nigga I know that's just as crazy as I am and that says a lot (I'm fuckin' crazy). Like me our strongest attribute is our loyalty. You've always been loyal to me since day 1. I consider your home my 2nd home. That plus I raid your fridge with goggles on nigga! Thug Life! I expect more adventures but this time we really take it foreign (Ni**as In Paris).

[BC] Justin, you remind me of a more innocent me. I hope your life experiences never corrupts you and that you continue being the great person you are. You a young buck but you got old heads that'll make sure you stay on the right path. Came a long way from your 1st jersey and now you 19 with a bag full of dreams. Make em' happen captain.

*Alany, my little sister from another mister. You always manage to maintain a upbeat attitude even through emotional times. You've always supported my music since the 1st day I met you. I almost died laughing literally because of me. Ha! I'm glad you survived my comedy. I know I went missing for a while but I promise to get out of my shell more often. Bloxheads on deck or something other fun fill activity. As always "I'll Be Around".

*Noman, Fuck Noman ha! I don't see you that much but I know you always hard at work. No days off. We still gotta grab a drink and talk shit about our fantasy team rosters. Keep grinding man just remember to take a break every now and then.

*Mike, you've always been a positive influence on me. I know I can always go to you for advice about anything and you'd provide your Yoda like wisdom. You met me as a youngsta and watch me grow into a man. I still got a lot of growing to do and I look forward to more guidance from Air Gordon. A few pitchers of beer for the realest up in here. I'ma need a rematch at Pool tho. Mr. Trick Shot back! Trick Shot back! Soho Billards screaming out Trick Shot Back! '

*Sid, 13 Bros for life. One of the realest people I've ever met since day 1. We both got a way with words and use em' wisely. Never a dull moment when we hung out (mostly likely drinking ha!) I was dead serious when I said I'ma need interlude for my album. That will get done. I owe you one for help reviving my corpse (11.11.11). Thanks a million dude. 13

*Khal, thanks for always being a main supporter of my music. RockTheDub presents means a lot to me. Regardless to how many other sites and coverage my music has gotten I know you truly fuck with a nigga and I respect that. I hope to continue make dope music that'll be featured on your site. Dub before dishonor.

*Lyle, you help make 1 of my biggest dreams come true. I got to make an album with 1 producer and I just rapped. It felt relieved by not having make all the beats for once ha!, but also you know the sound that caters to my chaos and "Woodside Boys" proves it. People love the album and I hope many more get to hear it. Only regret is we didn't get to record this album in the same studio but I'm sure we will the next time (Woodside Boys 2?) Now you can get to clappin'

*Jenn, in a short period of time you've made an impact on my life. You might be too naive to understand how but just know that you have. We're a lot a like which is a good and bad thing at the same time but you've inspired me. The past year or so I've been in a daze and talking to you has helped me resurface a side of me that I thought I buried. I know now to not allow my past to be an excuse to make mistakes and not reach my fullest potential in the future. Thanks for cracking my vault. I owe you an artichoke, a cherry coke zero, and a black & mild. Oh yea, you ain't never gonna get your pencil back. I'm still using it ( •͡ ˛ •͡ )

Moral of the Story: "When I get to the bottom I go back to the top of the slide. Where I stop and I turn and I go for a ride. Till I get to the bottom and I see you again"