Thank You

I would like thank everyone who has listened/downloaded/blogged "The Reset Button". As long as it took for me to make this project I kept any real details of release short notice. No 13 weeks of freestyles (did that before), no 13 days of unreleased songs (did that before), or any other clever ideas I would come up with prior to a project release (I have a few). TRB was a reintroduction. Some know that in 2010 I changed my rap alias to Mic Wilson. I confused a lot of people. I even confused myself. The whole 2010 was pretty much the best and worse of times in my life. I'm sure people are familiar with a rude awakening, well 2010 was my rude awakening. I took a break from my normal habits to deal with other issues outside of music. I needed the break. I was using music as a excuse to ignore any other problems in my surroundings. As long as I had a track or a show to do I shelled myself to reality so to speak. Well, it caught up with me mentally and physically. I used to pride myself with the "No Sleep" habits. You know what happens when you don't sleep? You blackout. Your body shuts down on it's own. Let's just say now, I like my sleep. No, I love my sleep. Not too much rest, but enough to keep me energize when I wake up. As for issues with women, I think tracks 9 through 12 are self explanatory. The one thing I learned from last year is that you can't escape your problems if you avoid them. You have to challenge them head on. Understand them. Face the music. So that's what I did. TRB is a reflection of that. Also, a restart to PreZZure. PreZZure is more than just some rap alias to me. It's an identity. It symbolizes me and my story. After what I've been through now more than ever PreZZure is who I am. Under it, I rise above. For the record, I read on 2dopeboyz comment box that my project/title was a copy/bite of an artist named Apollo Brown. I don't know who that is nor have I heard his project. It's impossible to copy/bite someone or something you never heard, but much luck and success to him. I'm sure I'm not the only artist to use "Reset" in a project title or theme. I won't be the last one either. "The Reset Button" for me was a restart. Now in life we can't just press a button and go back in time to right our wrongs. If it were that easy we'd break the button from excessive pressing. My reset is mental. With everything I've learned and experienced I feel I have a new lease on life. A new found respect for normalcy then I ever had before. I once looked at myself as some heartless machine. Though, I can be real cruel at times, I still have a heart. I'm still a human being. I'm gonna make mistakes and I'm gonna garner achievements. Regardless of how many folks listen to my music, this is what I love to do. This is my passion. This is my life. Whether it's the basement at Sputnik or Madision Square Garden, I love to perform (and will do so again shortly). Making music is what drives me to wake up every morning (or night depending on sleep pattern) and create. I will continue to do so as long as I'm breathing and capable. Thanks to my family for forever supporting me with my decisions. Thanks to my friends for forever being loyal and reliable to me. Thanks to the listeners who allow me to enter their headphones.

Moral of the Story: Thank You