The Reset Button

Now for a word from our sponsor Khal (RockTheDub.com)

"It's been a minute since a full project from PreZZure came over... hell, he wasn't even PreZZure when it dropped. Over the last half of a year, homey has been going through some ish - from female strife to whatever other shit goes on in the mind of a young Black male. I don't prod - that's my dude but we don't go in like that in conversation. Maybe we should... but then again, we'd not get interesting .zips full of interesting shit like this. Very leftfield - he opens the album over a dubstep hybrid sound, and other tracks are definitely Hip-Hop, but utilize odd bounces and wild samples to get their ish across. The kind of shit that I really fuck with, nahmean? There's a lot of cats who want to forgo their regular lives to get on that music shit. Not a lot of them are as talented as PreZZure is. A cat from NOW who knows about THEN but is making music for the future. Even features a cut produced by Lyle Horowitz. The two of them have some SHIT cookin', hopefully I get to leak one particular banger before Summerslam on the 14th. Just trust. Until now, go up to your console, hit that reset button and recalibrate what the fuck you thought was going on."

Moral of the Story: I had to take a step back before I was able to go forward. People say life isn't a game. Well breathing on earth isn't a sport, but I consider my journey an adjective. In that sense, Game means "Eager and willing to do something new or challenging". I like a challenge. I like the pain as much as the pleasure. Before I start my new lease on life, I have some unfinished business. This album is just that. Time to push the button. Word to Deal The Villain. Enjoy!

PreZZure - The Reset Button x Click Here!

P.S: I will blog more.