Lyle Horowitz & PreZZure are...

The Woodside Boys.

The title of our Halloween album which will debut on www.RockTheDub.com (Khal what up!). Though me and Lyle are from two different parts of Woodside, we're just a few kids from Queens with a gift. Today we drop our 1st single off the LP. "I'm The Best". Now for a word from our sponsor.

"While the Woodside Boys project isn't sent to drop on rockthedub.com until Halloween 2011, members PreZZure and Lyle Horowitz have released a single that plays off the current main event storyline for WWE's Monday Night RAW, using bits the awesome promo that CM Punk cut on the 27th of June at the end of RAW. There are so many parallels between Hip-Hop and Professional Wrestling, and a number of Hip-Hop fans have been drawn back to Pro Wrestling over the last year, primarily due to The Rock's return, but I believe this is the first track to effectively use CM Punk's words to bring the two together. Lyle provides a sly instrumental for PreZZ to cut his own promo against the game right now. Just awesome... excuse me... the Best In The World."

*Having said that, enjoy! There will be more tunes on the way. It's only August.

The Woodside Boys - I'm The Best x CLICK HERE!

Moral of the Story: I'm the cult of personality.