This ain't a fuck song, It's a real song. "Bang!" is about addiction. I personified addiction as a beautiful woman. A promiscuous demon so to speak. We all like to fuck with our addictions. We can't help it. We're addicted. We love the feeling of the high. Whatever your high is depends on your preference. For some there's drugs, alcohol and/or sex. Regardless once we've come accustomed with our addiction, we get lost in it. It consumes us. We fall victim to the addiction. This is simply an anthem for those who know the symptoms. Beware of addiction. Don't become a slave to your habits. At least not to your bad habits.

PreZZure - Bang!
Bang! by PreZZure

*The song is not available for download at the moment. I plan on an official release in the coming weeks on iTunes. This song will be on my album "Dark Side Of The Good Guy". There's a lot to look forward to this fall.

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The Woodside Boys (10.31.11)
Dark Side Of The Good Guy (11.13.11)

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