Lyle Horowitz x Smiles Of A Summer Night

"I started work on Smiles Of A Summer Night a year and a half ago, roughly two weeks after releasing the original version of Auteur. While most of my music leans more towards the dark end of the spectrum, I set out to make an album full of light…18 months later I’m proud to present what I consider to be my strongest work to date: Smiles Of A Summer Night. Heavily influenced by jazz & folk music, Smiles Of A Summer Night captures the essence of the endless summer with a host of talented emcees, vocalists, poets and musicians contributing their own vision into the mix for a celebration of music, light and love. The album features guest appearances from Fresh Daily, PreZZure, Dana Washington, Guch, Ly Moula, P. Hall and newcomer Melvin Burch. I also invited some friends along for the ride to assist with the production: Charles Hamilton, MidPoint, Cashmere Brown, Chionesu and classically-trained pianist Adam Prince"

*This project is dope. Be sure to check it out. Be on the lookout for PreZZure x Lyle Horowitz LP.