The leak heard round the world, or at least the web. I don't feel like doing a track by track review so I won't. As for the new Lupe album, I'm left in a state of confusion. With all the controversy surrounding this record I expected something revolutionary and more rebel from a man who is 1 of the best lyricist in hip hop. Instead, outside of "Words I've Never Said" and "All Black Everything", I don't understand what was the protest/fight for? Is this the album the Lupe was fighting to put out or is this album a compromise with Atlantic to put a bar code on it. With an artist like Lupe with his ability I'm sure I'm not the only fan that expected something more groundbreaking and dare I say better than "The Cool" (my favorite Lupe Album). Maybe I expected too much? Or maybe that's not what this album was about in the 1st place. Let's make 1 thing clear, I like this album. I will buy this album when it's officially released. Reading the endless amount slander on my twitter timeline made me skeptical of listening to it. But I don't let other peoples' opinions factor in my own. Lasers is different. I can understand why a diehard Lupe fan might not like this album. I could understand why this album may seem too "pop" at times. The 1 thing I don't get is was this the album Lupe wanted to put out or not? Hopefully a journalist will ask him that question or did they? Fail Or False? Either way, this album will be on my ipod as well as the new Raekwon album.

Moral of the Story: Lasers would make a dope soundtrack for a Street Racing Game. (Midnight Club/Need For Speed/Etc)

P.S: No Links. "Get your own your own ya heard"