Prediction: NFL Playoffs 2010

"Playoffs!?" - Jim Mora

If you would've told me that the Giants wouldn't make the playoffs with a 10-6 record, I'd consider you to be delusional. Well, it happen. I'm not mad that a 7-9 team won a division and 4th seed in the playoffs cause that's how the league situation is. As for the Giants, we owned our own fate and lost the 2 most important games of the year. I'm still proud of my teams record and effort. Although, we didn't reach our goal, it was a fun filled season. Now, the playoffs. Who will win it all in such a unpredictable season? Well here's my predictions. Expect the unexpected.

*AFC 1st Round
Colts > Jets
Ravens > Chiefs

*NFC 1st Round
Saints > Seahawks
Eagles > Packers

*AFC 2nd Round
Colts > Steelers
Patriots > Ravens

*NFC 2nd Round
Falcons > Saints
Eagles > Bears

*AFC Championship
Patriots > Colts

*NFC Championship
Eagles > Falcons

*Super Bowl
Eagles > Patriots

Shall I explain? Well let's start with Round 1. As much as I would like to root for that other NY team in the playoffs, Can't imagine the Colts losing at home with Peyton Manning back in rare form. Ravens vs Chiefs will be a tough battle but I feel Baltimore's experience will take over. As for the NFC, I seriously doubt the Seahawks pull off the biggest upset by knocking out the defending champions. That's not a movie I'd watch. Speaking of movie, this leads me to the story of the year, Michael Vick. I picked the Packers to win the NFC before the year began. I won't be surprised if they did win the NFC even as a 6th seed wild card but, this feels like the Eagles year.

Now for the 2nd Round. I have the Colts upsetting the Steelers. I don't think it's much of an "upset" though. Don't let that mid season poor performance fool you. Peyton Manning is still the best QB in the game (Brady 2nd) and is gonna lead the Colts back to the AFC Championship against the Patriots. Just the way the NFL would love it (Ratings). I would love nothing more than the Ravens to beat New England in New England, but let's be real. Pats are the best team on the field this NFL season and BMore has appeared shaky in their most dominant feature. Defense! As far as NFC goes, It's really 50/50 with the Saints vs Falcons. I think this will be the best shootout of the playoffs. I give the Falcons a slight advantage cause of the Michael Vick storyline theme of my prediction. Sure the Bears are tough and pose as a threat to win it all but, Jay Cutler is their QB. I sincerely doubt their offense will be a factor against the Eagles.

So here we have the final four. Manning vs Brady. Again. Should be a good one but I feel the Pats offense will dominate. The youth of the Patriots defense might be an advantage in this game with putting pressure on Manning's game plan. Without Austin Collie, I see Pats winning by 2 touchdowns. Now for the motion picture. Michael Vick comes back to where it all started. Atlanta. Grab some popcorn. It's gonna be close call. I see a game winning FG to the Super Bowl. Only problem besides upsetting the #1 team in the NFC is containing Michael Turner. The Falcons running game will be the key to the outcome.

The main event of the year. The 2 highest voted QBs for the Pro Bowl and likely to win/or split MVP honors for the season. The best team in Football vs the cinderella team. Patriots vs Eagles. Highest rated Super Bowl? Maybe. Gonna be a lot of action. I expect a high scoring game even though both teams have great defense. In the long run I feel no one on the field will contain Michael Vick's ability to elude the sacks and gain yards. I see 3 TDs and 1 rushing TD for this year's Super Bowl MVP, Michael Vick. For the record I'm NOT selecting the Eagles to win it all because I'm a fan of the Michael Vick. This scenario is very possible. There haven't been any guarantees this season. Look at the Cowboys record (shots). Look at the Vikings )farewell Brett Favre). This year has been filled with surprises. I expect nothing less than a perfect ending.

**Sidebar: I lost a bet (Giants vs Packers Week 16) with @LBCJetsetter. I'm a man of my word. So here's "(Back)Packers"