Help Urban Art Beat Serve The Youth!


"Peace as Many of you know. We have been working with Youth doing after schools programs since 2006 with Urban Art Beat and doing community events and mentoring with The Optimus Foundation since 2003.

We thank you for all the support and ask you to help us expand our Vision.

Urban Art Beat has been selected as a finalist in the Pepsi Refresh Grant.

With this money we will be able to run 5 Programs for an ENTIRE SCHOOL YEAR, FREE OF CHARGE TO THE YOUTH!

As well as:

-Create CD's of the Youth's music

-Expand the Services we can offer

-Promote the program

-Provide Rehearsal and Recording Equipment

-Setup show and Venues for the Youth to showcase their Talent

And Much More

All we need you to do is:

1) Vote once a day for the program during the Month of September @

2) Spread This Message via PHONE, TXT, EMAIL, SOCIAL NETWORKING SITE, and WORD OF MOUTH to anyone you can.

The Voting process take only 1 minute a day and you can help make a big difference on the lives of Hundreds of youth.

For information on the program Please Visit: www.UrbanArtBeat.org

and be sure to check out www.OptimusFoundation.com

We are currently looking for New Locations for the Fall. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Love and Peace,

Why G?"

*I've had the honor to work with these people and see for myself the amazing work they do with the youth. Spread the word.