2nite! (Show @ Hip Hop Culture Center)

"H2C2 starts September off right with another one of their official "Emcee to Emcee" shows. If you haven't made it down yet let this be your invitation to join us as we embrace the old and new school of Hip Hop. Next Tuesday, September 14th, 2010 H2C2 will host a live show full of great performances and guest appearances by Grand Daddy IU, Freedom Williams, and Mikey D! The evening will feature independent artists PreZZure and WordSpit accompanied by our Musical Director, DJ Mike Doelo. In addition, we have the Live Hamit Up Band to add a nice acoustic vibe to the Hip Hop atmosphere along with Music Producer, Joey Mekkah. Freedom Williams is a Hip Hop and dance music performer, who gained fame as the lead vocalist on C+C Music Factory's biggest hits. His rapping can be prominently heard on many of C+C's songs from their debut album, including Billboard Hot 100 #1 "Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)". Grand Daddy I.U. is an emcee from Queens, NY, who was active during the golden age of Hip Hop. He recorded a demo tape and gave it to Biz Markie, who signed him to the label Cold Chillin' Records in 1989. In 1990 he released his debut, Smooth Assassin. Queens native, Mikey D started out in the park jam circuit and if you don't know who Mikey D is go do you homework! This New Music Seminar winner has been paying his dues and has worked with the likes of Paul C, The Clientele Brothers, and many more. He is responsible for classics such as "Dawn", "My Telephone", "Bust A Rhyme", and "I Get Rough". Mikey D was also enlisted by Main Source to replace their lead, MC Large Professor. 

WHERE:        H2C2/Hip Hop Culture Center- 2309 Frederick Douglass Blvd., New York, NY 10027                      (2nd Floor of Magic Johnson Theatre)

WHEN:         Tuesday, September 14th, 2010                      Showtime: 8:30 – 9:30PM                      Doors open at 8PM

PRICE:         $5 for Emcees, $20 for Civilians (non-emcees)                      A member of H2C2's Rapathon Alumni will be stationed at the door to enforce this 
                     (and yes we will make you rhyme but it's all   in good fun) 

                     H2C2 now offers the "2 MC Minimum" pass, bring 2 emcees and you all get in free!             PHOTO OP:  All Media MUST RSVP prior to event. All requests for coverage must be submitted                      on company letterhead to Natassia Seward via hiphopculturectr@gmail.com or fax                       212-926-9691. Please note flash photography and video is prohibited.       H2C2 is an 8,000 square foot venue that embodies every aspect of Hip Hop culture; Graffiti, DJ'ing, Break Dancing, MC'ing and more. Whether it's Hip Hop-centric youth programs, Sneaker Battles, or our Annual Rapathon, H2C2 makes sure the community has an outlet for creative expression."

*I got 10 free passes so if you in the area and wanna attend hit me up asap.

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