August 31st is my father's birthday. Also the date I was set to drop "Phase Two". Although it's near completion I'm looking to drop in "Phase Two" in the fall. Why? Cause I feel like there's something missing. The new material has been coming together great but I feel like there's a song missing before I can push the button and let the world hear "Phase Two". Unlike "Square One", "Phase Two" is an album. All original content produced by yours truly. "Phase Two" will drop this fall and I will go back to doing shows again soon. For now I will continue to create and keep yall posted. Also, I will be releasing "Square One EP" on iTunes soon. Be sure to check back here and www.micwilson.bandcamp.com for new music.

Till next time...

"I'm an animal, I'll manhandle you, My words bigger than yours I'm all CAPITALS"