Farewell David Lee...

We knew it was gonna happen sooner or later. Lee will be missed, but we did win in the trade. I know most NYers are like "who the fuck is Anthony Randolph, Kelenna Azubuike, & Ronny Turiaf?" Well allow me to introduce you to them.

FYI: Randolph & Azubuike were teammates with Amare in High School.

*Anthony Randolph

Good post player & Shot blocker. He's 6"10 which allows Amare to play PF instead of C. He's quick and fits with the run and gun offense D'Antoni has in mind for this season. He's in his 2nd year so he's still got a lot to prove but he's worth the chance for now.

*Kelenna Azubuike

Explosive offensively and a 3pt shooter. He's the steal of this deal. He got hurt early last year and missed the season with his knee injury. He should be fully healed by now and likely earn a starting SG spot in the near future.

*Ronny Turiaf

Good post defender. He's likely to get less minutes but he does have attitude which is a trademark to any NY post player. It'll be interesting to see if Turiaf is still on this team.

**In conclusion, it was likely Lee wasn't gonna return to the Knicks but at least we get something out of it. As for Lee he gets the contract he deserves and goes to a team that's on the come up with Monte Ellis & Stephen Curry. Farewell Lee and Thank You.

***Sidebar: The Knicks are a PG away from the playoffs.