Journal: "What Would Auerbach Do?"

Today is Game 7 in the NBA Finals. The last game of the year. Winner gets the championship trophy. The most important 48 minutes of the season. I love basketball. What better way to end the year then with the Lakers vs. Celtics, one of the greatest rivalries in sports. The best player in the NBA has home court advantage to win his 5th NBA title (Kobe). Ron Artest could get his first ring. Phil Jackson can add one more to his collection. On the other hand, a man born in raised in California has a chance to take another ring from his hometown for the beantown (Pierce). Rajon Rondo can win his 1st NBA Finals MVP and 2nd ring. Boston could pull off the big upset. As KG would say, "nothings impossible!". But with the lost of the best post defender in the NBA (Perkins), who will get the start game 7 for the celtics? Let's explore the options.

A) Rasheed Wallace
Even with his back issues, Wallace is a threat on the offensive side and provides good enough size to keep a hand infront of Bynum. If Rasheed's shot is on tonight, it could be lights out for LA. If not, let's hope Bynum doesn't have a good 30 minutes in him. No techs.

B) Glen Davis
The energy, strength, and hustle could cause problems for LA. Even though he gives up height he has the capability of being explosive. Only problem is his strong points can also be his weakness. I would rather him contribute from the bench incase.

C) Tony Allen
If I were Doc Rivers, this would be the guy starting tonight. Why? Cause this is the biggest game of the year and I would throw Tony Allen on Kobe from the start. Whatever he has to do just keep Kobe company the whole night. Get physical. Force him to shoot off angle. Wear him out and force his team to win the game. On the flip side, with Tony starting you can run small and work a fast pace game which benefits Rondo and his ball movement. Run and gun. Best chance to get LA in foul trouble early on too.

Makes me wonder, what would Auerbach do?