Prediction: NBA Draft 2010 Lottery Picks

The lottery is out. I'm surprised that the Nets didn't get the 1st pick. I won't be surprised if they trade they're 2 1st round picks to the Wizards before or on draft night. Anyways, here's my prediction of the top 13 lottery picks of the 2010 NBA Draft.

1) Washington Wizards = John Wall
*Why: He's the best player in the draft and has attributes comparable to Dwyane Wade & Derrick Rose. Plus he's the reason the Wizards and Nets are in trade talks. Enough Said.
2) Philadelphia 76ers = Derrick Favors
*Why: Another explosive freshmen who can dominate and fill the void if they lose Iguodala this free agency.
3) New Jersey Nets = Evan Turner
*Why: Besides being trade bait for the 1st pick Turner was the best NCAA baller of last year. Let's hope he brings that scoring to the big league.
4) Minnesota Timberwolves = Wesley Johnson
*Why: With Kevin Love & Al Jefferson, Johnson can add fit in as a small forward and help the Timberwolves be a strong rebound team.
5) Sacramento Kings = DeMarcus Cousins
*Why: I think Cousins is the best big man in the draft and Tyreke Evans could have a field day with him and Jason Thompson patrolling the post.
6) Golden State Warriors = Greg Monroe
*Why: I'm a big Hoyas fan. Having said that the Warriors are in a rebuilding stage and Monroe is a warrior on the floor.
7) Detroit Pistons = Al-Farouq Aminu
*Why: His athleticism can help energize the Pistons.
8) Los Angeles Clippers = Patrick Patterson
*Why: The Clippers have a history of picking big men. Even if they don't need one at the moment I can see this pick being traded. Patterson can play tho.
9) Utah Jazz = Cole Aldrich
*Why: He's got a Pau Gasol like presence in the post. That can make him a starter by opening night.
10) Indiana Pacers = Gordon Hayward
*Why: The hometown hero who led Butler to the NCAA Finals. Plus he's a shooter, which is a standard in Indiana (Larry Bird).
11) New Orleans Hornets = Daniel Orton
*Why: Another Wildcat? Yep. The Hornets have enough guards so it's time to get David West some help down low.
12) Memphis Grizzles = Xavier Henry
*Why: If the Grizzles lose Rudy Gay, this man will be the starting small forward. Explosive offense and a jumper. Might be a potential R.O.Y. sleeper.
13) Toronto Raptors = Hassan Whiteside
*Why: Chris Bosh is not coming back. Let's face it. But this kid is gonna be a great post defender. A little underdeveloped but with time and good coaching he will be a presence.