Journal: "Back At Square One"

Today is May 12th. It's been a month since I dropped "Square One". 700+ downloads later. FYI I deleted my mediafire files for "Square One", "CanYaFeeliT??? & "Penny 4 My Thoughtz, Dollar 4 My Dreamz". Since I made the bandcamp account I wanna bring more traffic to that page rather than a link (example: Square One Mediafire had 500+ downloads x Square One Bandcamp has 200+ downloads) As for the other 2 projects I will upload an EP version of both in the future via Bandcamp (probably for the year anniversaries). Anyways, back to Square One. My first official project as Mic Wilson. My name No Gimmicks (lol). The feedback has been amazing from fans and peers. I really let myself go on this project and didn't hold back any ideas I would've been skeptical of using in the past. "Ain't My Fault" seems to be a favorite as well I the 1st video off the project (details coming soon).

The reason behind the title "Square One" was simple. After 2009 I felt like I was starting a new. Not jsut with the name change but with everything that was happening at the time. Certain blogs weren't posting up my music, troubles in my "love life", and the urgency of making a change in my surroundings. All of these things put my back against the wall. Fortunately for me, I have an outlet to release the stress of life and share my thoughts with the world. Mission accomplished. I understand why people looking from the outside in think I got it "made" but they're just blind. I do my best and make the best of any situation I face and if I triumph I celebrate. "Square One" was the celebration of a new chapter in my life. Let us begin with the breakdown

1) It's Over
*This was my pumpfake (lol) Typical mixtape start off track 101. Pick the "hoteest" song out and rap over it. Sike! I rather go in on a good ol' break. I figured it would catch attention plus throw people off. Mission Accomplished

2) Get Mine
*My favorite beat on the project. Inspired by the Aloe Blacc "I Need A Dollar" I sampled and made a song reflecting the same feeling I get from the original song. Everybody wants to get what they want. It's life. You don't wake up to lose, you wake to win. As for the hook, I sang it that way on purpose. More of a soulful melody sing along vibe like good karoake. Only a handful people know I can really sing, but I don't think I'll use that to my full potential on Hip Hop song. Maybe Rock (craiglist search for a band....j/k)

3) Chase My Dreams
*This song was created for the 2DopeBoyz Empire State Of Mind. Shake had asked me to send him a joint for the project. This was before the creation or idea of "Square One". I was skeptical of putting this song on the project. It was a last minute decision. I guess I made the right one based on the reaction to it. Go Getta Music

4) Snabgch (skit)
*It was about time I use skits on a project. I'ma funny muthafucka if you haven't noticed. As far as this skit, Snabgch is a slang we use where I'm from. (example: A) Yo what's good I heard you was talking to snabgch?" B) "What?" A) "My Dick!!!!!!") Woodside shit

5) Commercial Break (David Robinson)
*Commerical Break = Freeverse over a "industry" beat. David Robinson = #50 = 50 Bars. I really like the Erykah Badu joint and I felt Lil Wayne's verse didn't do it justice. So I did something about. My verse > His verse (no bias...free weezy). The beat is hard as hell banging out my speakers. This is that groove summertime BBQ shit. As for calling it "David Robinson", besides the obvious I felt my dream was shaking me off. The trial of tribulations of being an artist. My Dream = Hakeem Olajuwon. I felt like David Robinson at the time I wrote that verse. Make sense? good.

6) Bad Prank Call (skit)
*A botched prank call that became something better. Sally is one of my closest friends in the universe. I felt this skit would fit before "Ain't My Fault". FYI "Ain't My Fault" was NOT about Sally. That is all.

7) Ain't My Fault
*After having an argument with a girl I don't speak with anymore. I did what most artist do (that can freestyle). I put a beat on that I made and just started rambling. It worked. I got the hook from the freestyle and a few of the lines. After I wrote a format to keep my rhyme style through out the song. Me & Her still don't talk. She's heard the song. We have a mutual friend. She will read this blog. All i'ma say is....It still ain't my fault. You know why too.

8) The Brink
*Deal The Villain blessed me with this monster ass beat at the right time. I was going through shit heavy. I needed to vent. I was at my Brink. CanYaFeeliT??? EA!

9) Heavy Rain
*After beating the game "Heavy Rain" like three times I wanted to make a song called "Heavy Rain". My homie from the superduper group O.I.S.D. (QUEENS!) J.O sent me some beats and this felt right at home. I added the rain to it for the obvious reason. Sometimes people feel like they're walking under a cloud 24/7. Just know that the sun comes out sooner or later. Carry an umbrella.

10) Voicemails (skit)
*Snapple Fact: I almost never pick up my phone. Mr. You have missed call. So I asked B.L.U's own Slick Rude to leave me some normal voicemails. Shits had me rollin'. Lately I've been picking up the phone. Tryna knock off the bad habits. Well not all of them.

11) Hi I'm Mic
*This is my introduction track on the EA Mixtape "Welcome To The Playoffs". I decided to put it on "Square One" cause it was fucking dope. (Sidebar: I produced most of "Square One" besides tracks 8, 9, Commercials, and Outro for those who don't know). I plan on doing a small vid for this in the near future.

12) Commercial Break (I'mma Beast)
*My boy Ant asked to go in over the Black Eyed Peas song a while ago. I wasn't going to till I went to see BEP live at MSG. It was very inspirational and I said fuck it. "I'mma Beast" was created for the EA mixtape as well (hence I named every member). "In The Word Beast You Can See E-A". HUSS!

13) Believe
*My "single" off "Square One". I really like that Owl City song. "Believe" is feel good music. 1 of the few songs I've made that I can replay 30x. Most artist rarely bump their own shit a lot. I guess cause the process of making it was enough. Anyways, most of my female fans love this song, which is always a good thing. I'm pondering making an animated video for this song. We'll see what happens.

14) Commercial Break (It Could Be Worse)
*One of my favorite verses on the project. This was my victory lap while recording "Square One". Something about me on a Roots x Dilla joint felt right. The vibe just clicked. "It Could Be Worse" is a saying I live by. When ever I hit a rough patch in my life I just remind myself "It Could Be Worse". It helps to regain focus. We always complain about what we don't have but realize what we do have is worth more. Never take your possessions for granted.

15) Imcomplete
*Mood Music. This song is how I feel at the moment. I feel "Imcomplete". I feel there's so much I need to do that's beyond just rap. I feel my purpose in life is to leave behind something for the future and view myself as a savior. I might not be able to save the world but I am capable to save my world. My people. My believers. A lot is riding on me to advance in this life. Anyone I've came across will tell you they see something special about me. It's very humbling to get a phrase like that. I don't wanna let anyone down. So I continue to fight and struggle on my path to success. My version is success might be different than the norm but my strength and creativity are my tools to seek a better life. My mission is far from complete. My journey continues. Thanks for being apart of it.

16) Okay Now It's Over
*I gave in. I decided to rap over "Over". Figured it was only right cause some people wanted to here me go in over it. It was a good conclusion to "Square One". Plus people were laughing at "That's what I thought, lick balls" (LMAO). Basically I was just bring it back to "Square One". Rapping. Making music you enjoy to make. Not what the "industry" wants. When you hear my music, you hear me Steven Michael Wilson. Since most folks don't read books anymore I guess my projects are audiobiographies of my life. I do plan on writing a book in the near future (it's in the blood...ha).

17) She's Alive 2010
*My favorite song off Outkast's "Love Below" part of the album. A lot of my friends grew up with out a father. I always wanted to make song in dedication to the single mothers of the world (Happy Mother's Day). I am blessed have my father in my life. I've seen the trails and tribulations of the single parent household and I respect the strength of those women. At the time I was flirting with a single mom. She's a remarkable woman and her daughter is just as beautiful as she is. The story wasn't based on her tho. Just a side note. I love women.

Well there you have it. Behind the Music of "Square One". Thanks to everyone whose listened/downloaded/blogged the project. Big thanks for Khal (rockthedub.com) for the support of the project. My family, friends, and fans who've seen and hear my growth as an artist but more importantly a person.

As for my "special treat".