Who is Thomas Hagan?

"The man who murdered Malcolm X, Thomas Hagan (69) was released from a New York prison today. Hagan served 45 years in prison for the crime, and has been on a work-release program since 1989 (wherein he served only 2 days behind bars per week, spending the rest of the time working and visiting his wife and children). In interviews for parole, Hagan apologized for his actions on February 21, 1965 and admitted that his motivation was wrong and he has learned much about social movements since then. Rightly so, as Hagan earned his masters in sociology while serving time in prison. Hagan was 22 when he committed the crime, and did so as a response to Malcolm X's public denunciation of the Nation of Islam (Hagan was part of the organization) and declaration that leader Elijah Muhammad was fathering illegitimate children."

*I don't know how to feel about this...I can't imagine being the man who assassinated a global icon as well as a Human Rights Activist whose fought for the rights of Black people...This is why I never got into any religion or cult....Doesn't take a rocket scientist to tell that Thomas Hagan was brainwashed by the Nation of Islam to carry out the hit (along with others)....That's no different than the common gang violence that occurs in our society today..."Word you down with us? prove it"....We all know how the story goes....My only question is what now? How will this man live the rest of his life? How do people feel about his freedom? Can people forgive an old man for his actions as a youth? Time will tell...Regardless...the damage was done...R.I.P. Malcolm X