Homeboy Sandman x The Good Sun x June 1st

iCan't wait to hear this album....Yahalreadykno Boy Sand don't play when it comes his music...Above is not the cover but here's the tracklist

1. Core Rhythm (produced by Core Rhythm)
2. The Carpenter (produced by 2 Hungry Bros)
3. Not Pop (produced by Core Rhythm)
4. Yeah But I Can Rhyme Though (produced by Ski Beatz)
5. Table Cloth feat.Fresh Daily (produced by M Slago)
6. Low Co. (produced by Pyscho Les)
7. Mean Mug (produced by Ben Grymm)
8. The Essence (produced by 2 Hungry Bros)
9. Strange Planet (produced by KO Beatz)
10. Being Haved (produced by DJ Spinna)
11. The Things They Carried feat. John Robinson & Daniel Joseph (produced by Core Rhythm)
12. Calm Tornado (produced by Thieven’ Steven)
13. Listen (produced by Kentron The Mastadon)
14. Angels With Dirty Faces (produced by J57)