Dear Philadelphia Eagles

What the fuck is going on? First you let Brain Dawkins go who was the heart and soul of your defense...Then you release Brian Westbrook who can still perform well as a running back/receiver....Now you let the face of your team go to your division rivals? How fucked up are you? Donovan McNabb was my favorite NFL QB for a few years till I became a bigger fan of Big Ben & Eli Or Die, but still with all the struggles and the 1 Super Bowl appearance you send him the NFC East graveyard? So much for respect. You could've dealt him to the Raiders which would have been a great move in my opinion. Honestly, I feel the Eagles could be a better team without McNabb. NOT with Kolb. There's a guy name Mike Vick on your squad. He's the one who should be doing a press conference reaction to the trade/deal/fuckup/etc. Stop fucking around and selling your team short. You guys look like your planning for 5 years from now instead of 5 months from now. Get your shit together. As for McNabb, you guys fucked him over and I hope he gets his revenge even if it's with the Redskins. Having said that, Michael Vick better start at Week 1 or say hello to last place. Being my 3rd favorite team in the NFL (Giants x Ravens) I expect better from you


A Giants Fan