30 Days 30 Beats Round 2: Day Twelve

Hello Day 12...As you all know Square One dropped today...I'm very excited about this mixtape and the response I've got so far...It's always a good feeling to release something to the world and it being accepted and/or embraced....So today has been a good day...For Day 12 I wanted to put out the instrumental to "Get Mine"...When I made "Get Mine" I thought about all the hardships I've been thru as well as my peers on the scene doing music for a living....When I sampled "I need a dollar" I wanted to have that same feeling in my song...Hustle music for people who wake and try to top what they did yesterday....I feel this is an example of my growth...Plus it would be dope to get a crazy remix over this joint...Time will tell...But for now...Enjoy the sounds...And thanks for the support

<a href="http://micwilson.bandcamp.com/track/day-12">Day 12 by Mic Wilson</a>